Welcome High Fivers! Here's a copy of Gary's wonderful email announcement: 

"High Five Announcements!

Our first High Five Announcement! High Five reader (and contributing writer) Bryan D kindly responded to my request for a special community offer: Stepping Stone Coffee

This is fun - Bryan’s 3 elementary school aged kids started a subscription coffee company! And we’re talking about the good stuff.

Freshly roasted, whole bean, specialty coffee, delivered to your door! If you buy some and brew it, I’ll come over and read the High Five to you in person. Not really.

You may choose a type of coffee, or let them decide for you. You choose the quantity of coffee, you choose the frequency of delivery.

20% Discount during the month of April for the High Five Community using code: AprilHighFive

Discount remains for life of subscription. U.S.A. (& APO/FPO) only,

Currently roasting/shipping:

  • Bob-O-Link Brazilian specialty coffee. Grown by deeply passioned community of biodynamic minded earth healers. This is a long story about total well being via forest restoration. Bird sanctuary, food forest & coffee, what’s not to love. This coffee is processed utilizing the pulped/natural method. If you’re intrigued you can read all about the group, and this particular coffee here:  

http://www.fafbrazil.com/ here: http://www.bobolinkcoffee.com/  Notes on Bob-O-Link: Nutty aromatics, subtle sugar cane sweetness. $19/12oz Retail

  • Kenya - Nyeri - Rutuma - Kianjogu AACoffee grown on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Highest quality green beans to be found in the region via super strict processing stages. Winner! Notes: Fruity mild berry acidity, red wine body- silk berry smooth (no such thing as silk berries) $18/12oz. Retail

Keep in mind, there are few things more critical for a successful cup than the grind! So Stepping Stone Coffee also is offering 10% off Baratza grinders. They offer the full line and shipping is included in price (U.S), just like their coffee. Coupon code is same: AprilHighFive

Big thanks to Bryan and his brood for reaching out like this. Since I am in the disclosure business, please note I have no financial interest in Stepping Stone Coffee or anything I ever link you to in this newsletter, for that matter. I hope you’ll like some of the books I’ve pointed you to but you can usually get them at the library.I do hope you’ll give Stepping Stone Coffee a try, though. How cool is it that these kids are getting to learn about running a business while also learning about other cultures and good stewardship!

Have a great weekend,Gary"