Instagram Account

Hello my amazing customers and friends! Ava here, I haven't posted in awhile. Last time I posted was over a year ago. I am now nine years old, almost ten! Anyway... the reason I am here is because I have some exiting news! Alexander, Daniel, my Dad, and I have set up an Instagram account for our business, yep you guest it: Stepping Stone Coffee. We just got started so we haven't posted any pictures or videos yet, but we will get there soon!  Make sure to follow us for current sales and promotions! And be sure to like our posts. I really hope you guys will enjoy our Instagram account! Here is the info: Instagram

               Well that's all I have to say today. Bye guys!

Birthday Boy

It is my birthday I am turning 7. I like the new year so far. My faverit animal is a giraffe. I asked my dad how to spell giraffe.

Daniel's first blog post

I know the ABCs. I know the months. My dad is not typing these words. I am creative sometimes. 

I eat healthy my dad knows haw to eat healthy. I have many friends. I am the littlest in my family. I have a sister and a brother, my brother is older then my sister. my dad is older then my mom. I get many things for Christmas.

- Daniel