3 school aged kids start a subscription coffee company.

Freshly roasted, whole bean, specialty coffee, delivered!

If local we hand deliver, otherwise:
Shipping/Handling included in the price. Shipping to U.S. & APO/FPO only.
1. You choose the Amount of coffee.
2. You select the Frequency of delivery.

Here they are:

Alexander: Hi, my name is alexander, I'm very creative at drawing, I am excellent at math and reading, and I love to play outside.

Ava: Hi,my name is Ava. I love to sing and dance. I love to play. I do ballet and gymnastics. I am 8 years old. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I love school I love math,reading,history, and science. Why am I selling coffee? That's a good question, I want to sell coffee because I think it will be fun and it's my first time selling coffee.

Daniel: hi my name is Daniel. I lic to do gams. josh can be fun or they can not bye fun. I am 6. I lic school. mi  birthday is January 15 2009. I can by good or bad. I lic the nature. I am in first grad. I can be helpful. I am god sum times.

(These bios have become quite dated. Perhaps they will offer an update someday)